How Indian belief on Arranged marriage will boost Online matrimonial

In India, marriage is not only a bride or groom matter but also it is celebrated by all. Marriage embarks an important event in people’s life as they start a new life with matrimonial bliss. Indians strongly believes in Indian values, culture and traditions to mark important chapters in their lives. Indians shortlist their marriage partner by cast, creed, religion, education, finance, looks, income, family structure and others. In today online matrimony websites, one can easily search and find their life partner after searching by preferences. Nowadays, almost every eligible profile registers and search for a partner by online matrimony due to its robust offerings and success rate.  Another important choices which is community and state based marriage. Some people look for partner within their state sometimes with in cities. Online matrimony is very user friendly and helpful to find your partner. Due to these facts, online matchmaking is vastly used in India and data statistics proves its credibility in terms of revenue and success stories.

Earlier, people used to depend upon traditional forms of matrimony search which led to fewer amounts of choices to choose. Also now in these days, parents are not trying to hammer their choices upon their children, Bachelors first want to know each other and check each other choices and preferences in life before taking the decision on marriage. This concept led to introduction of choice marriage. To realize choice marriage in a reality, you need to provide a platform where matrimony seekers can interact and chat in order to know each other. That’s where online matrimonial service comes in to play. In twenty century, Internet plays a very important role in peoples day to day lives. Technology very much helps and improves the way we communicate each other. Online marriage portals are undoubtedly a sure success. By online matrimony, a person can view thousands of profiles and narrow down their choices by various filter technique. Online matrimony is well accepted and used by millions of Indians and non resident Indians to find a suitable partner for their children.  The success story of online matrimony is exhilarating.

Matrimony is an important event in everyone’s life. It becomes an extremely important affair in the lives of Indians because social values are seen paramount in Indian subcontinent. Strong family values and joint family tradition is still relevant for peoples of India. In India, Marriage is not only an event for bride or groom but also for families, friends, relatives and acquaintances. Now the concept of love marriage is entering in India but the notion for arranged marriage is still prevalent in India. In India, love cum arranged marriage is also very popular. But everyone is not fortunate to find a life partner by own. There are many reasons like focus in career, wish to marry by arranged marriage and others may be reasons. By statistics 90% of marriages in India are by the routes of Arranged Marriage. Finding a partner for Arranged Marriage is an important event and decision in everyone life. However, traditional rules are still prevalent in Indian Societies. Earlier, peoples depend upon traditional matchmakers, brokers, and friends, relatives to gather information regarding a prospected bride or groom and choose upon various characteristics. Obviously, the choices are narrow due to the availability of bride or grooms. That’s led to online revolution in arranged marriage to simplify matrimony hunt in Indian society.

Marriage Rates Per age for male and female

                                                      Marriage Rates Per age for male and female

Specification of a complete profile:

  • Religion
  • Mother tongue
  • Caste/sect and sub-caste
  • Diet: whether users are Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, and Occasionally Non-Vegetarian
  • Personal values: whether they classify themselves as Traditional, Moderate, or Liberal
  • Complexion (Very Fair, Fair, Whitish or Dark), height and build
  • In which field the user is currently employed
  • Whether the user would prefer to continue to work after marriage
  • Their horoscope details (date, time, and place of birth).

The popularity of Online Matrimony is increasing day by day. There is large number of profiles registering in online matrimony portals to find a suitable bride or groom. Online matchmaking caters large number of profile, due to this fact you can shortlist your choices from numerous profiles. Matrimony sites also offered upon cast based like Hindu matrimony, Muslim testifies the increasing interest of people in online matrimony. Numerous add on services like wedding management, matrimony, and Jain matrimony and also by regional based like Tamil matrimony, Telugu matrimony, and Oriya matrimony. These sub division of portals is used to simplify people’s choices and preferences and give them a user friendly platforms. Online matrimony is very user friendly and can be used by all. The rising number of new online matrimony portals with big players wedding planner, counseling etc. also provided by online matrimony.

Advantages of online matrimonial:

  • Economic – Save Time and Money
  • Easily Accessible
  • Filtered Results
  • Easy to Communicate
  • Informative
  • Unlimited Choice
  • Advanced Search
  • Availability of Picture and Video
  • Authenticity
  • Privacy
  • Past History


Marriage statistics

                              Top Matrimony Websites Page Per Visitor

There are many matrimonial websites which protects its user database by employing various encryption methods. Some websites have security sign in their websites, which ensures much better data security for users. Users also put private data for online payment and credit card, debit card uses, as people chose premium membership to avail extra benefits. Many companies have 24*7 customer service team and there is a privacy protection options. The websites which take very care about screening system & millions of members and the websites which offers many convenient premium packages to select from special offers and functions for premium membership category. The convenience doesn’t come expensive either. One can actually browse through the profile totally free of costs. Creation of profiles is free as well. But of course, in most of the websites, you need to pay to acquire access to vital information like contact details. However, 100% free matrimonial websites are there too and they work quite as well as the paid websites.

Indian Matrimonial websites make for a perfect substitute for millions of Indians who are now connected to the web and still belong to traditional beliefs. Considering the enhanced reach, extreme convenience and more privacy, Indian matrimonial websites are most definitely a preferred substitute to conventional sources to find brides and grooms. Online matrimony provides the comfort and choice of millions of prospects and much more information about a prospect marriage proposal. In future, market continues to evolve, bring in more customers and serve to new generations, online matrimony will continue to thrive in India for a very long time to come. It is evident that online matrimonial services have introduced new elements into the process of arranging marriage that are made possible by technology. Online matrimonial, electronics dating and matrimonial web sites are changing the rules of how relationships are formed and maintained in communities all over the world. For more information, you can visit our website

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